During my childhood days in the countryside of Central Finland my dream job was a nature photographer. Later on I was carried away by the church activities and in 2009 I graduated as a bachelor of social services and youth work leader in the church of Finland. After the graduation my interest towards the church work faded away rather quickly and I ended up working with intellectually disabled people in different housing service units. Although I enjoyed working in the field of social services I had to admit to myself that it wasn’t something that I would enjoy doing the rest of my life. In 2013 I applied to the Tampere University of Applied Sciences, got accepted and in 2017 graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

As an artist I’ve been working with lens based media. The structures of my works are plain and restrained. I have a tendency to think about my family history and to place it side by side with the present. The subject matters of my works revolve around the formation of identity. I am especially interested in the concepts of home and nationality and how they affect the way we think about ourselves and the others.